Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Imagine Your Story 2020 Summer Reading

Children's Storytime- A Cooked-Up Fairy Tale Presented by Miss Hospitality, Aly Floyd!

Wednesday Story Time

 Miss Hospitality Aly Floyd reads A Cooked-Up Fairy Tale
Written By Penny Parker Klostermann
Illustrated by Ben Mantle
AR reading level 3.2 
AR pts 0.5

"In the magical land of fairy tales, William doesn't quite fit in. He'd rather poach pears than pursue princesses, and he values gnocchi over knighthood.  When he stumbles on a delivery of food destined for Fairy-Tale Headquarters (a pumpkin, apples, and a few measly beans), he decides to spice things up and whips the paltry ingredients into delectable dishes. But as you might have guessed, Snow White's wicked stepmother doesn't exactly want her magic apple baked and drizzled with caramel.
This story delivers a hilariously fractured, whipped, and souffleed fairy tale that is chock-full of delicious details and jokes to satisfy every appetite!"

Now Let's make some Fairy bread: 
click here for the recipe from Delightful 

On Wednesdays We Make Crafts: Button Painting

Do you have tons of stray buttons stored, thinking one day you will use them? Today is that day! Create a button painting!

Gather your stray buttons and a canvas to meet your artistic needs and follow the instructions below:
Step one: Decide on what your going to paint in buttons, because that is what you are actually doing.
Step two: Draw your outline and any need areas to help you determine change of color. (Keep it simple.)
Step three: Sort your buttons according to color, place in separate containers.Got it like you want?
Step four: Now, using Tacky glue or Glue dots  (hot glue gun can work but that is a lot of work) glue buttons to your work surface. The idea is to make this as kid -friendly as possible.
Step five: Here is the test!!!! turn upside down if any buttons fall off, glue back into place.                                                                     
For more ideas, Click Here

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YA Craft - Crochet Purse

Crochet a simple and beautiful purse just in time for summer! 

This cute Sea Shell pattern will look great in any color.

image credit - crochet for you
The instructions are FREE. Get Creative!!!!
Skill level: intermediate 
Finished size: 11″ height x 11.5″ wide. 
Materials: #4-Medium / Worsted / Cotton / Approx: 200 yardsI-9, 5.5 mm crochet hook

Kid's Crafts - Color Changing Chameleon and Butterfly

Paper plates + water colors + googly eyes + a little imagination = a colorful afternoon craft activity!  
Click Here for Instructions

Learn about chameleons and butterflies by checking-out books from your library using curbside pick-up!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tech Tuesday- How do you Zoom?

How to get started with Zoom - The Verge

You have probably heard so much about Zoom lately and don't know where to begin learning how to Zoom. What is Zoom anyway? Zoom is a video-conferencing app that allows individuals and large groups gather for business meetings, interviews, and other purposes.  Individuals who are facing long days without contact with friends and family are moving to Zoom for face-to-face. The basic version is free to use when meeting with 3 or more people, but time is limited to 40 minutes. The Verge offers a detailed description of how to get started using Zoom!

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Kid's Corner- Coding!

click here for more information 

Today’s kids are growing up in a world of video games, apps, and digital tools. This can leave some parents confused when trying to relate to their children regarding anything tech. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools for families who want to code together and make their own apps and games.
If your child is interested in learning programming, check out these 25 resources. Together as a family you can enhance your computer science knowledge and stretch your creative muscles to make something cool.